5 Area To Spray Perfume On Your Body

Hello Everyone! happy to have you back on my page. If you are like me you love stepping out of the house, passing by someone or give a huge to someone you know and Smell good. You honestly enjoy the : “ummmm you smell good” or the “what perfume are you wearing” comments to which you gladly respond with a smile and a boots of confidencepexels-photo-935973.jpeg

Until a few years ago, I would shower myself in a body spray or perfume to point where I would have to cough or gasp for hair. Being allergic made the whole experience unbearable until I found out about these specific targeted points or parts of your body you need to spray and not worry about putting too much, too little or sneezing.allergy-cold-disease-flu-41284.jpeg

Here are the five specific part:

  1. Behind your ears, the perfect place for when you get a hug or a sweet romantic neck kiss from your partner
  2. Inside your elbows. somehow it makes the smell evaporates to surround you
  3. On your wrist, dab or spray a small amount and rub both sides together.
  4. Behind our knee, you wouldn’t think about it but it is an important spot to spray.
  5. last but not least for all my ladies in between your breast

Do these along with walking into a sprayed area for an all day smell good without the spray or perfume over powering you or whom ever pass beside you.