Best Way To Propose To Your Girl

I have always been a sucker for romantic movies or  stories, especially the ones that end up with a fairytale proposal then a wedding. The many ways in which the gentleman always proposes never comes as a surprise. I am honestly tired of birthday proposals, family and friends gathering proposals. These are not the only way, be creative.

Now in my humble opinion it is best when the proposal comes as a surprise and your belle knows absolutely nothing about it

Proposal #1: Hire a band to play one of her favorite songs ( street mob style ) and as you are walking down to her, have friends or family members appear from nowhere turn toward her and say words that you describe her as ( beautiful, queen, intelligent, best friend, partner….) Imagine the surprise! You then get on your knee as she wonders what is going on and you ask her to bless you by becoming forever yours.

Proposal #2: This is the day you have decided to ask her to grace you by becoming your wife and of course she has no idea. You met her or simply pick her up for a normal or usual diner date ( lunch date or breakfast date ).  Do no go for the repetitive or the deja vue ring in the her glass or the she opens her plate to find the ring. It is boring and if she is observant as I am, she would see the ring as her drink is being served. hold on! eat your meal,  keep a normal conversation going and act normal. After you have paid for your meals and are ready to leave, get the attention of everyone in the room, tell her how much you love her, call out her name as you get to one knee and ask her to be your wife

Proposal #3: Summer proposal. It is summer time and the whole family, hers and yours have gathered for a nice barbeque. Chicken wings,  hot links and steaks on the grill releasing   smoky aroma in the air. Music is playing and the kids are running and jumping while the kings are playing dominoes and jisting about their latest conquest. Now is the time before food is ready. You call on your queen to join you and ask everyone else to come closer. She looks into your eyes to figure out what is going on but before she says a word you get on your knees and ask her to forever be your queen.

Proposal #4: When you are ready to get to that level and you know she is the one for you, here how you should propose. She came to visit as usual for a simple day that would perhaps end with her spending the night. You have made the day beautiful by taking her anywhere she wants to go (nothing out of the ordinary) or you have taken her to a new adventure or again you have simply spent the day lounging in the house. As the day is over the both of you go to bed (separate rooms or not). while asleep, slip that ring on her finger and go back to sleep. You will know you made her day when you hear her scream on top of her lung the next day when she realizes that you have put a ring on. it

Proposai #5: Simply propose on your birthday since she is thinking of celebrating you on the day you were born surprising with a proposal on that special day will make it one she will never forget.

Let the wedding plans begin!

Thank You


Perhaps you have a more romantic or a dreamed way of one day being proposed to. Please share with us in the comment below. The best one I chose will be featured in my next post here and on my Instagram story. At you laptop, write, send!

Author: Seidowhi

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