My Weight Loss Journey: Some Secrets

I have asked my self this question so many time. Is there a secret to losing weight and if yes what is it. What should I do to lose weight? How do I start the process and how do I stick to it until I get to my desired goal? Now, do not get me wrong there are many easy ( or not ) ways to achieve weight loss. Here is my secret to losing weight.

First, decide to lose weight for YOURSELF and no one else. when I embarked in my weight loss journey it was my choice to do it to please “me” by  finally accepting myself the way I am. Accepting the way I look realizing that people will only treat me the way I feel about myself. If I feel ugly then that’s how and what others will see, but if I feel beautiful people will see it too. ( if they don’t it’s simply because they feel ugly themselves and that ugliness is what they see in others, like it is said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder)

Second, decide your game plan. For me I decided to join de gym and controlling my diet. Going to the gym is not just walking on the treadmill or using any other machine available. In my case when I get to the gym I do some walking/jogging, HIIT which is high intensity interval  class, boxing then weight train. On days where I feel good, I do HIIT plus cycling or another high intensity class. I try to go 5days a week and for 2months I’m being trained 2days of the 5days. Saturday’s and Sundays are my resting days but I still try to stay active. All the working out would be useless if what I eat is not controlled. Again as far as I am concern I do not deprive myself I eat what I want just in smaller portions, I drink water and I allow myself a cheat day.

Weight training 📸@hani_badass


Third and last, do not condemn yourself for falling off the wagons and having to start all over again. I started diets and quit and started over and over again. The goal is to not give up and to get back up and do it again until you finally don’t stop and reach your goal. I will share wit you in another post my ups and downs since I have been on my weight loss journey.

The secret to losing weight is very simple and in all honesty it is but at the same time it is a painful road with a great reward at the end. Results are really rewarding, seeing the difference in how you looked when you started and how you look now is motivation to push harder to reach my goal.

Do share with me your journey and what you do differently to reach your dream weight in the comment section. lets encourage each other and share tips on how to achieve what we want.

Thank you


Author: Seidowhi

Hi there, I’m Seidowhi originally from Benin and sharing my journey on earth with the world. Life on this side began with .....

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