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5 Area To Spray Perfume On Your Body

Hello Everyone! happy to have you back on my page. If you are like me you love stepping out of the house, passing by someone or give a huge to someone you know and Smell good. You honestly enjoy the : “ummmm you smell good” or the “what perfume are you wearing” comments to which you gladly respond with a smile and a boots of confidencepexels-photo-935973.jpeg

Until a few years ago, I would shower myself in a body spray or perfume to point where I would have to cough or gasp for hair. Being allergic made the whole experience unbearable until I found out about these specific targeted points or parts of your body you need to spray and not worry about putting too much, too little or sneezing.allergy-cold-disease-flu-41284.jpeg

Here are the five specific part:

  1. Behind your ears, the perfect place for when you get a hug or a sweet romantic neck kiss from your partner
  2. Inside your elbows. somehow it makes the smell evaporates to surround you
  3. On your wrist, dab or spray a small amount and rub both sides together.
  4. Behind our knee, you wouldn’t think about it but it is an important spot to spray.
  5. last but not least for all my ladies in between your breast

Do these along with walking into a sprayed area for an all day smell good without the spray or perfume over powering you or whom ever pass beside you.


March for our lives, Gun control

Kudos to all kids in America for standing up for their right and fighting a good cause. Cesar Chavez said: “students must have initiatives; They should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves-and be free.” Saturday March 24th in my city of Long Beach, along with Los Angeles and Washington DC, we all stood up with our children from around America against gun.

At the Bixby Park Long Beach California the crowd was huge, about a 1000 people. Everyone came out to support, parents,grand-parent,church members, teachers and the mayor of Long BeachDr. Robert Garcia was present to March in solidarity with children in America for gun violence to stop.

They didn’t march to say take the guns away. No! Because they are conscious that it is needed to protect. They were saying GUN CONTROL is a must because our families, our kids are being killed in masses. Awesome event for those that made it to the March.

A few posters caught my attention and I’m sur you will agree with me. Here are some

A little footage from the park.

Thank you



Here we go I will give it you the way it really is in my mind. There is no need to define or explain what an ego is as we all know it is a person’s self-esteem and/or self-confidence in oneself ,the way you see yourself and what you as a person values when it comes to you.

Last week on the train, I witnessed a scene that made me think about a “well placed Ego”. Here’s what happened.

Arrived at the Compton station in Compton California. a well dressed gentleman made his way into the train to find a seat through the  many passengers coming in and out to there destination when he tripped on a homeless man foot kneeling on the floor trying to plug in his phone. The man quickly regained his balance before apologizing to the homeless man and sat down but, it was not enough for him. I imagine that in his mind he figured the gentlemen should have paid more attention to his feet and not trip on them so, he gave him a dirty look which the other man did pay attention to.

It was at that exact moment that I thought to myself, the only reason one man was angry was simply because of his ego. He is homeless and the other man his clean well dressed looking handsome so, he need to match up to him to reassure his ego by getting angry.pexels-photo-733500.jpeg

That ego ( and I’m not a trained professional) was not well placed, it wasn’t a big deal and in my opinion the homeless man should have apologies for being on the way.

To that I said Men and women should have a “well placed ego“. meaning have an Ego where and when it counts

Have an Ego and refrain from stealing

Have an Ego and do not lie

Have an Ego and do not kill

Have an Ego and do not cheat on your spouse

Have an Ego and be legit in all you do…

Your Ego will then be well placed because it is a value of who you are, you don’t do things because of what people may think or because your ego is striked in the wrong way but because your self-esteem, self confidence and your value dictates it.

Thank you





My Black Panther Movie Experience

Black Panther came out last month and since then, it has been a « WAKANDIAN » type of revolution going on. I myself went and treated myself to the movies and believe me it was more than I had expected it would be. I imagine a it to be more like the King Lion type of scenery and magical story to it but, I was surprisingly and wonderfully wrong. The BLACK PANTHER movie was more.

Lets start with the sceneries, all magical and futuristic a delight to my eyes, the location, Wakanda is paradise on earth

The costumes are OMG gorgeously well designed and reflect the some of Africa countries.

The story line in my opinion was not too intriguing, it didn’t make my brain work but the message behind it was right on. It addressed most important issues within the “black” and African communities then and today. It reminded me a the story I was told about my dear country of Benin, Cotonou. The story before and how it was colonized by the French ( learn more about it in my blog)

The power of the technology displayed and most importantly the young black lady behind it all was nothing but a testimony to how creative we are as “Black” people. To say the least we are behind the greatest creation none to this day even though the inventors have not been recognized.22A73259-8B31-4CB1-9270-813775D4B389

Last but not least the actors and actresses were great, for those that were not from the African continent itself were able to embody the the character the played so well and even the accent was on point.

As I walked out of the theater that night, I came out proud of my culture and of where I came from. I held my head up and walk with audacity. I AM AFRICAN, BENINESE THE ANCIENT DAHOMEY A QUEEN AND PROUD TO BE 😉

Thank you



5 sexy things you don’t about me


5- My Eye as you can see in the above Picture, is one of the sexiest things about me. whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I’ve been told that my eye were beautiful. Looking at them you can’t denied the sense of flirtation behind them.


4- My Big Cheeks which you can see better see in the video below. A great gift I inherited from my meme(grandmother in french)  on my father side of the family. You can easily tell when I’m smiling from behind, because my cheek will betray me.



My Hair is all natural and as many may say, I’ve come back to it after years of using the “creamy crack” . I won’t and can’t lie the journey is not the easiest but a necessary one. I like my, it is thick, long, versatile and yes! It is in my humble opinion sexy.


I’m so Goofy, it’s sexy. Now you really have to know me to discover that I am a goofball and yes I love to laugh and make my loved ones laugh as well. It makes me happy, relax and Sexy at the same time


Last but not least my body need not to say, my curves are one sexy aspect about moi.I got front and back so I work with what Maman gave me.

Thank you


Ability Expo in LA

February 24, 2018  I went with my friend to the Ability Expo in Los Angeles. It was my first time but, I had a great time. I met a tone of people from different medical background. The information shared is useful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you ask me a disable person is more able than you can imagine with all the technology available. From pageantry to dance, behind disable is no excuse to abnormality.

Miss Wheelchair America and Infinite Flow Dance

So the next time you come across a disabled person think ability

Disclamer: I have no affiliation with any of  the brands named or shown from the expo. Just thought it would be great awareness information.

10 Things People Don’t know About Me

There is really no way to know someone unless they tell or show you who they are


I’m sharing with you 10 things you don’t know about me.

1.I was born in the  African country called Gabon in Central Africa to Beninese parents

2. I consider myself more Beninese (Cotonou Benin, West Africa)

3. I speak 4 languages fluently, Fon, French, English and Spanish

4. I have 8 siblings

5. I believe in a higher power, the creator of all things

6. I love fashion

7. Felt in love with make up but need a reason to apply it.

8. I love surprises

9. I hate horror movies

10. I’m mysterious 😉

There  you have it!

Tell me what think and what are 10 things about you I should know


What not to tell your girl on Valentine’s Day

Ok so what, you don’t believe in celebrating valentine’s day or even more, you are just not into it.

The truth is your lady does and had dreamed of that time to come where you will shower her and show her how much you love her notwithstanding that you should be loving and showing her through your actions every time. She is expecting you to do something nice for her to make her feel special.

No matter what do not ever come with these sorry excuses.

1- “Oh babe you know we don’t celebrate valentine’s day,right? “

Even if her answer is yes she will secretly hate you or if you are lucky she will tell you how much you mess up and how you probably don’t love her.If you forgot just say it and make it up to her later.

2- “I’m broke babe So, no valentine’s day for us”

Another big no no no! Even if you don’t have a penny, I’m sure you can find a piece of paper, a pencil and your imagination. The most important to her will be that you did your best so that she coul feel special.

3- “I gave you flowers, isn’t that enough?”

ok you gave her some flowers but you know last year she said it would be great to take her to diner. You should always pay attention and listen.

4- “what are you wearing?

Dude! Really? It doesn’t matter how she looks the point is she made the effort of looking good . Tell her she is beautiful and that you love that other outfit on her. That way she won’t be offended and the night will go smoothly.

overall mind what you tell your girl and how you say it unless you have reached that level of intimacy, communication , honesty and loyalty. Beside Valentine’s Day is you expressing your love to those you really care about aside your lady 😉BD8F63D7-F967-4FB7-969D-CCCDE6730012



5 Best gifts for Him

ok So you may think your guy isn’t into Vday but it would still be a great idea to get him something that would make him feel special.

1- Gagets

For some guys out there he latest tech gadget is the way to go even though there are not into Valentine’s Day. So go ahead and get your boo a watch.d0982969-9653-4424-9f96-03f06d88ed71.png

2- Simple day out

Now if you know your guy is not into all the celebration allow him and follow his lead to a simple yet nice day out to really please you. After all you love him always not just on Valday.67e9b64a-27e3-4208-ab16-4a759378f2a4.png

3-Socks and Undies

Yes believe it or not even for valentine’s day, offering him some socks and undies he will be happy263a2b1a-3fcb-4fb2-9463-a1b195bf5b2c.png

4-Denim Jeans

Believe it or not but it one gift your love be grateful for because he can never have enough jeans. Offer him one he’s been talking about or seen and show interest for. He will love you more for itA670DDB2-39BD-4582-B5D9-6AF973242240

5- Shirttttttttt

A really cute shirt to go with his denim jeans. Your guy will be glad to wear it on your valentine’s day date. A good remainder of your love to him and wanting him to look good.6144F0BB-F7E6-4945-A250-AD16B3045908


5 Best Valentine’s day Gifts Ideas For Her

Hooray!!! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and like many people you are wondering what to get your Gurl.  Here are 5 best Valentine’s Day idea gifts for her

1-An Engagement Ring
This would be number one and this is why. If you and your girl have been together for a long time and you are planning on making her your wife, this is a great opportunity for it. Propose to her and Valentine’s Day with the ring of her dream or one you know she would like by putting it on her finger the night before so she can wake up to itEngagement ring

2-An Upgraded Bouquet

If your girl likes flowers, it would be great to get her favorite ones. Wether it be roses, orchids or tulips, it will warm her heart.


3-A Badass Earing
Something a little tougher than a hoop some ladies are into jewelry and maybe just maybe your girl is one of them. If you’re not ready to propose 😉 then maybe some nice ratings would do.2ef0c0b9-b6bb-493e-a94c-94d2782436f5.png

4-A Fresh New Perfume
For the classic lady, her favorite perfume will do the trick. I do not know a miss or a Mrs that does not like to smell good. So go for it and splurge a little to make her feel extra special.15F74233-3943-488F-BB8D-2F893A5DFA42

5-Mr. & Mrs. t-shirt                                                       

This is another creative yet fun gift to offer your gurl especially if you are husband and wife. For the not married one out there, a His and Hers or kind and Queen t-shirt is awesome .