The Secret Of Starting A YouTube Channel

YouTube as we see it grown a lot over the years and is still growing giving millions of people like you and I an opened door to the world to learn, discover or teach. I discovered YouTube a little bit more than 6 years ago trying to distract myself from a heart break by occupying every second of my time. I was on YouTube so much that they contacted me asking if I was interested in becoming a partner. Offer which I turned down because of FEAR. I will be honest that little 4letters word has kept me from so many good things and sitting thing about it would really be a waste of my precious time. One thing for sure is that dealing with fear and missing so much opportunity has pushed me but also taught me a lot. It’s no secret if you ask me and the secret to it not being a secret is …. Well

Fear is a part of us, as kids we learn fear and once its learned our brain is programmed to that feeling especially every time we are faced with the unknown. We fear the possibility of failing, would I be able to? a lot of what if ? Most of these questions are caused by fear in a good way and for good reasons believe it or not. The feeling of fear is a protection mechanism to keep us from being hurt whether physically or emotionally. My goal here is really to tell you that fear is in us, it’s part of us and there is really no way to make it disappear.

The secret to deal with it and for the purpose of this blog, the secret for you to start a YouTube channel is to just do it with the feeling of fear inside of you. Fear will make you think like people will laugh at you or that you are not good enough or that maybe you don’t have everything you need to start. A long with all the questions a the fear just DO IT.

I don’t have a good camera. A smart phone is good enough ( iPhone or not ). I myself I’m using my iPhone and I know when the time comes I will be able to afford a camera.

I don’t have a good setting or lighting. To be honest you can film in a very small tiny spot in your room, put a blanket of your choice behind you and do what you have to do. Tomorrow will be better and you will appreciate how far you have come.

It will be hard, yes! so what, nothing good comes easy and if you want it bad enough you will have to just do it.

So ready, set , Gooooooooooooo!

Thank you!