Hey friends, have ever hear that “your eyes are the open door to your soul” ? Well I have and so I believe that if my eyes are the door to my soul may as well make it look good. One way to do that, I found was to have great looking eyebrows. I like them to look natural especially when I know I’m not making up my whole face.

Here I share with you what I use to get them done and how I get them done after they have been waxed by my go to lady that shape them for me.

Products Used:7C0A0CA5-47F9-496B-9112-284662FDD201

  • Spoolie brush
  • Angle brush
  • Wet n wild  brown eyeliner
  • Black Radiance True complexion bb cream

First, I brush in my brows to put them in placeDF1ED7F3-CFB7-46E9-8F52-67C58A60FABC

Then with my Wet n Wild eyeliner I fill them in using a short stroke motion until I’m satisfied with the result.D7E97C20-D78E-4AAF-A7F8-77DC41D46122

After that, using my angle brush and a bit of my bb cream I contour, clean and shape them for a natural looking brows ( unless I’m making up all my face )B9A68DDF-8595-452D-8FF1-FC4A2D8E8249.jpeg

Finished look:1826C9EA-A5F4-4A5E-9A89-9D73B1B10F87

Thank you


Smoky Gold Look

Hey Loves, as you may have notice summer is right around the corner if not already present with few days when we still have some cold air. last week, I shared with you how I achieved my royal blue makeup look and today I’m sharing this beautiful day to night smoky golden kind of look. Here how I have achieved it.

Eyebrows: Using my same wet n wild dark brown pencil, I filled in my eyebrows then contoured them with my mac concealer.B2074F14-C46D-45AC-9126-BF39C43ABA82

Eyes: For my Eyes I used my Urban Decay eye primer then I covered my lids with a neutral color from my Morphe palette then from my Juvia’s palette I used a skin tone kind of red to define my crease on top of the first transitioning color. Using my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk , I based my lower lids in order to help my gold shadow  radiant Excellence to pop out. with a black pencil eye lined my eyes and proceeded to add false lashes.B1E72EF2-F274-4D50-AB14-5E7BF040E337

Face: Using my Mac Prep +prime, I primed my face and covered it with my Fit foundation from Maybelline that I received a year or so ago for testing purposes from Influenster. With my LA Girl concealer, I highlighted my face and contoured it then set the whole thing with my Ben Nye translucent powder.B837CB1C-25EA-480C-AE2A-E5425AC6DCAE

Lips: l line up my lips with a lip pencil then ended up settling up with a dark purple I had for a while and cant remember where I got it from.

I then just set my face with my LA Girl setting spray

Final Look:426C7D10-B3B5-49CE-8F48-0923559C2D33

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Issa Eyebrows and Giveaway


Ok so, you want to achieve the perfect eyebrow, but you don’t know how.

Stop, don’t panic take a deep breath, and follow these simple steps.

First, you need

-Pencil that matches your eyebrow color

– Twizzerman


– Eye makeup brush.


Step one: make sure your eyebrows are twizzled nice and clean

Step two: with the pencil add little strokes going back until your brows are filled in

Step three: now with your brush and concealer clean up the top and bottom of your eyebrow making sure that you don’t erase them. Buffer the concealer line so no one can tell they are there.

There you have it hope this was helpful and don’t hesitate to ask any questions, I will be happy to help or refer you to a Youtube video

Giveaway: Follow me on Instagram @seidowhi to find out how. what and when to win 4 of my favorite product for the perfect eyebrow


All products listed and up for giveaway were purchased by me and are not for marketing purposes.