My Weight Loss Journey: Some Secrets

I have asked my self this question so many time. Is there a secret to losing weight and if yes what is it. What should I do to lose weight? How do I start the process and how do I stick to it until I get to my desired goal? Now, do not get me wrong there are many easy ( or not ) ways to achieve weight loss. Here is my secret to losing weight.

First, decide to lose weight for YOURSELF and no one else. when I embarked in my weight loss journey it was my choice to do it to please “me” by  finally accepting myself the way I am. Accepting the way I look realizing that people will only treat me the way I feel about myself. If I feel ugly then that’s how and what others will see, but if I feel beautiful people will see it too. ( if they don’t it’s simply because they feel ugly themselves and that ugliness is what they see in others, like it is said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder)

Second, decide your game plan. For me I decided to join de gym and controlling my diet. Going to the gym is not just walking on the treadmill or using any other machine available. In my case when I get to the gym I do some walking/jogging, HIIT which is high intensity interval  class, boxing then weight train. On days where I feel good, I do HIIT plus cycling or another high intensity class. I try to go 5days a week and for 2months I’m being trained 2days of the 5days. Saturday’s and Sundays are my resting days but I still try to stay active. All the working out would be useless if what I eat is not controlled. Again as far as I am concern I do not deprive myself I eat what I want just in smaller portions, I drink water and I allow myself a cheat day.

Weight training 📸@hani_badass


Third and last, do not condemn yourself for falling off the wagons and having to start all over again. I started diets and quit and started over and over again. The goal is to not give up and to get back up and do it again until you finally don’t stop and reach your goal. I will share wit you in another post my ups and downs since I have been on my weight loss journey.

The secret to losing weight is very simple and in all honesty it is but at the same time it is a painful road with a great reward at the end. Results are really rewarding, seeing the difference in how you looked when you started and how you look now is motivation to push harder to reach my goal.

Do share with me your journey and what you do differently to reach your dream weight in the comment section. lets encourage each other and share tips on how to achieve what we want.

Thank you


My weight loss Journey….

Hello friends ,

As promised I will be sharing with you the steps I’m taking and my progress on my new journey to weight loss. I have to honest with you all along and tell you about my real feelings and my ups and downs. Yesterday for example, I went out with my sister to a park called the Leimer park in Los Angeles to an African drumming class then to a enjoy the drum circle where all drummers come together and play and everyone is welcomed to dance or drum as well.

I was having fun when looking at all the beautiful sistahs skinny or less fat then I and I felt self conscious about the way I looked which led to doubts. I started asking myself if i would be able to lose the weight and if I would be strong enough to push myself to reach my goal. I can’t lie, I cried and felt a heavy cloud over my head.

I don’t know how but I had to shake my head I tell myself that I can’t give myself a time frame. I just need to take it one day at the time and not stop until I get the result I want. So there is no one month from now or two months from now or a year from now, it TODAY I’m making a change.

Tip: letting go of time frame, I’m eating right today and I’m exercising today. Results might not be immediate but there will be results. Just do not give up



My Weight Loss Journey

100kg 100kg 100kg in a rhythmic cadence is how kids used to call me. I was the biggest child on the playground and even though I didn’t feel that way all the other kids saw me as big bowl full of soup (another song created by kids to mock me)

My name is Jessica a.k.a Seidowhi, I have always been a big girl. From the time I was a baby through out my elementary to college years. I always had to fight demons in my head to feel better about my self and believe me god was part of my daily routine. I remember one day as a kid. It was time for back to school shopping and since that year I did not get any clothes made, my parents were ordering from a catalogue. when it was my turn to pick, there was not big size for the pretty little dresses or skirts that I wanted. I had to shop in the ladies section. I remember living my parents room crying because  all I ended up with was a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. I was devastated, ran to my room got on my knees and called on God.

Me: Father God please I’m begging of you. I never asked to be born this way why do I have to be the only one going through this. why I’m am so big God? Why cant I be as skinny as my sisters and get pretty dresses? what did I do wrong ? why are punishing me? please God if you love me the way they say you love all kids please do a miracle right now and change me into a skinny girl.

That was my prayer that day I cried and begged for a miracle and ended up thinking that maybe He did not love me enough.

Growing up was a constant battle in my head from the aunties

Them: wow you are too big you need to stop eating so much or you will never get a husband. No men want a big woman, don’t you know they like skinny girls, Look at your cousin how pretty she is skinny and tall. cant you be like her.

Me: ok aunty

I would smile then ran to a hidden place and cry my eyes off. I tried every diet I could land my hands on, I even fasted 7days on water and prayer for a miracle.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago I have decided to change my life for the better not for anyone eyes or comfort but for me myself and I. Not only I’m changing my diet (intermittent fasting) but now I have also joined the gym.let my journey begin 😊

Follow me for tips and updates on how I’m doing and together let change our lives!