My weight loss Journey….

Hello friends ,

As promised I will be sharing with you the steps I’m taking and my progress on my new journey to weight loss. I have to honest with you all along and tell you about my real feelings and my ups and downs. Yesterday for example, I went out with my sister to a park called the Leimer park in Los Angeles to an African drumming class then to a enjoy the drum circle where all drummers come together and play and everyone is welcomed to dance or drum as well.

I was having fun when looking at all the beautiful sistahs skinny or less fat then I and I felt self conscious about the way I looked which led to doubts. I started asking myself if i would be able to lose the weight and if I would be strong enough to push myself to reach my goal. I can’t lie, I cried and felt a heavy cloud over my head.

I don’t know how but I had to shake my head I tell myself that I can’t give myself a time frame. I just need to take it one day at the time and not stop until I get the result I want. So there is no one month from now or two months from now or a year from now, it TODAY I’m making a change.

Tip: letting go of time frame, I’m eating right today and I’m exercising today. Results might not be immediate but there will be results. Just do not give up