Maman (mother)

It is beautiful to have dedicated a day to make all the mothers, past. present and future one feel special.

As far I am concerned and I’m sure to many other, a woman, a mother if not biologically then by adoption, is to be celebrated every single day for reasons we can’t deny. They are all but nothing. Here for my maman and every moms.1E39D5AB-DCBE-41E9-8352-4C11CB7E95F3


Loving, caring, protecting, giving, patient, correcting, present, guardian, friend, listener, a mom and more. You are all and it when needed, never far away even when miles away. Your prayer has held us and many others. what word couldn’t say and through action express, your silence did. You brought togetherness, you taught and still teach all you know, have learnt and continue to. You did not regret your changes in favor of your children, you suffered pain so we would be happy. Tears and sacrifices ,they were many not for you, not for what you would eat, wear, not even for how people saw you but for your kids. They were for us.

I think of saying thank you every single day and even all the money I could give you could not compare of the joy in your heart because I am happy. Mommy I love you and no word can say nor actions show it but my heart know you are my warrior and SHERO


PS: leave a comment and tell me how you feel about your mom.